List of Works





New Work for Toronto Symphony Orchestra - in progress, premiere 2021 (5 min)

Surfacing (2017) 2(picc)222 2220 2perc, harp, piano, strings (12min)

Rise (2014) 2(picc.)22(Bass Cl.)2 2221 2perc, strings (12 min)

Mirage (2012) 2222 2200 2perc, pn, strings (7min)

Zenith (2009) 2222 2221 2perc, strings (13min)




Violin Concerto (In progress, Commissioned by the Esprit Orchestra. Premiere: tba 2019)

Concerto for Bassoon, Electronics, and Chamber Orchestra (2011) 1111 1110 2perc, pn, string quintet, electronics (12min)




Melopoeia (2017) for String Orchestra and Percussion (7min)

Undreaming Sleep’s Bright Land (2012) 1111 1110 1perc, pno, string quintet (10min)

Momentum (2011) 1111 1110 1perc, pn, string quintet (7min)




New Work for chamber ensemble, Soprano, Counter Tenor, Dancer (to be paired with Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater) - in progress (35 min)

l’homme et le ciel (2015) fl, Bb cl/bass cl, vln, vlc, 1perc, piano, 2Sop, Bar, electronics (45min)




how cold the sun (2019) vln, vlc, pno (8min)

phase amplique (2018) fl, cl, solo tenor/soprano sax, 1perc., pno, accordion, string quintet, electronics (15 min)

Gradual Erasures (2016) Violin, Piano

Liminal Pathways (2016) Fl (Alto, picc), Bass Cl, Bsn, Hn, Pno, Perc, String Quartet

Scivias (Know The Ways) (2016) Bb Cl (Bass Cl), Bb Tpt, Pno, Perc, Vln, Vlc, Db (10 min)

From what hand to speak (2015) soprano, violin (10min)

Homage a Fausto Romitelli (2014) vln, baritone sax, perc, pno (7min)

Colors Come and Go(and sudden shadow) (2013) vln, vlc, pno (7min)

Broken Images (2013) fl, cl, 1perc, vln, vlc, db (7min)

In The Earth And Air (2013) pn, 1perc, soprano, string quintet (12 min)

Images of John A. Wilson (2012) for Soprano and piano (10 min)

Corona (2011) for Flute, Cello, and Electronics (7 min)

After the rioT - 5 Bagatelles (2011) for Flute, Double Bass, and Piano (10min)

Three pieces for Electric Guitar Quartet (2011, 10 min)

In Memoriam (2011) for 11 Strings (12 min)

Hygeia's Medicine (2011) Arranged for Violin and Viola (10 min)

Two Songs on Sappho Fragments (2010) for Soprano and Piano (7min)

Rilke Fragments (2009) for Soprano, Cello, and Electronics (13min)

Fixity (2009) for Bb Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Piano (9min)

Talking In Bed (2009) for Soprano and Cello (7min)

Triptych (2008) for Flute, Cello, and Piano (7min)

Lament (2007) for Double Bass and Piano (5min)

Two Songs on Leonard Cohen (2006) for Soprano and String Quartet (6min)

Song Without Words (2005) for 3 Cellos and Type writer (10min)




This Carefully Chosen Stillness (2017) for Solo Violin and Electronics (15min)

5 Celestial Scenes (2013) for Solo Piano (10 min)

Hygeia's Medicine (2011) for Solo Cello (7min)

Voice of Eru (2011) for Solo Double Bass and Electronics (7min)

Vagues (2010) for Solo Piano and Electronics (8min)

Fiction Weaving (2009) for Solo Flute and Electronics (6min)



Rilke Fragments II (3min)



What Does Music Look Like (2013) for piano, electronics, and percussion (Indeterminate Length)